9Up Camp is full

Now, 7Up camp, 9Up camp, as well as the teacher’s camp are all full, and the enrollment page is closed. Those who have signed up, please make sure that you check this new page one week before the camps start. We will post our formation here. Of course, you may also receive emails from us for important issues. You can also contact us if you have any questions. Our contact phone and address are
General Inquiry: Call 480.965.3199 or email cidse.summercamps@asu.edu

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7Up Camp is closed

The 7Up camp is full and is closed for further enrollment. There is little chance that anyone will drop, and thus, not need to add into the waiting list.
Please try our other camps, such as the game camp.
The 9Up camps is still open, but will be closed soon, as it has a few seats left.

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2014 Robotics Camps 7Up and 9Up are now open for enrollment

2014 ASU Robotics Camps 7Up and 9Up are now open for enrollment.
Camp site: http://venus.eas.asu.edu/roboticscamp/
Enrollment site: http://venus.eas.asu.edu/roboticscamp/Registration.html

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2014 Robotics Camps 7Up and 9Up

The registration will open on March 1, 2014. The registration will open until the camps are full.

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2013 — 9Up Camp Closing Ceremony: Parents are welcome to join

The closing ceremony will start from 2pm on Friday, 6/28/2013.
The final part of the sumo competition will be conducted, followed by the student presentation.
Each team will give a 3 to 4-minute presentation to highlight what they have learned in the camp. They will choose one of the items to focus on:
- Treasure hunting
- Maze navigation
- Sumo robots
- Android phone app development
- Web app development
- Windows phone app development
Then we will give certificates of participation for everyone and prizes for the winning teams. The teams have been evaluated through various activities during the camp.
Family members are invited to join the event.

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Android Phone App Development

Dear parents of 9Up camp
While the students are doing robotics programming as their main focus, they also apply the programming skills learned to develop other applications. Now, students have developed a few Android phone apps. If your child has an Android phone, the apps are already in the phone. If not, your child can show you the apps in a computer. If a family member or a friend has an Android phone, the apps can be download to the phone from your home. Check the photos at: http://www.public.asu.edu/~ychen10/temp/9Up/9UpPart4.zip

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Photos During the Camp

The photos are at the links below. You will need the photos for your presentation. Please download them assp. I will remove them from the site at the end of the camp.
Part 4: Android Phone Apps Development


Part 3: Treasure Hunting game


Part 2:


Part 1:


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