ASU Summer Robotics Camp 2015 Website is open:

Please mark your calendar for the camp:
7Up: June 1 to 12, 2015
9Up: June 15 to 26, 2015

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ASU Robotics Activities
Summer robotics camp is one of our important robotics activities. Dr. Yinong Chen, the camp director and instructor, is also involved in various other robotics activities at ASU. Followings are two pieces of recent news in ASU News site:
(1) ASU team’s robot driver in top 10 at Cornell Cup competition

(2) Fulton students invited to Intel Cup competition in China

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9Up Camp Week One

In the first week, one or two academic lectures have been given to the class everyday. Students are well equipped with the background for understanding robotics programming and beyond. The lectures include:
– Career opportunities in engineering
– Visual Programming Language (VPL) basis
– Computer organization, truth table model, and ALU design and implementation in VPL
– Computer communication
– Numbering systems and binary
– Computer systems and robotics
– Finite state machine as a programming model and maze modeling and programming
– Presentation techniques
– Software and how software reshapes the world

On the hands-on activities and programming side, we have started programming the robot and constructing the robotics from day 1. On Thursday, we started phone apps development in the afternoon.

In week 2, we will continue to program the robot and program the phone. We will also start robotics challenges that put the techniques together under test.
We will complete the treasure hunting and maze navigation challenges before the closing ceremony on Friday. The final game, the sumo robotics challenge will be conducted live in the closing ceremony starting at 2pm on Friday. Each team will also give a presentation on what they have learned and best part of the camp that they experienced.
Parents and family members are welcome to attend the closing ceremony.

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The 9Up Robotics Camp will start on Monday, June 16

The 9Up Camp will start on Monday, June 16. Please follow the diving “Directions” page at:

to find the location and parking information.
Please arrive before 8:30am to register. The registration desk will open at 8:15am in BY211 lobby.
Parents are encouraged to stay in the first session “Parent and Student Orientation” from 8:45am to 9:00am in BY210.
Camp T-shirt and a textbook will be handed to the student at the registration.
If parents cannot stay in the parent and Student Orientation session, please download and read the PDF file at the link:

The camp is full. No students can be admitted if they are not preregistered through our camp Website.

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7Up Camp Closing Ceremony: Parents welcome to join

The closing ceremony will start from 2pm on Friday, 6/13/2014. Family members are invited to join the event.
We will have the last live competition (sumo-robots) starts at 2pm, followed by the student presentations.
Each team will give a 3-minute presentation to highlight what they have learned in the camp. They will choose one of the items to focus on:
– Alice movie or game
– ASU online programming tool experience
– Treasure hunting challenge
– Maze navigation challenge
– Sumo robots challenge
Then we will give certificates of participation for everyone and prizes for the winning teams. The teams have been evaluated through various activities during the camp.

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Hands on Robot

All teams finished the Alice and Genost programming, and uploaded their movie or game into Youtube on Thursday morning. They started EV3 robot construction and programming from Thursday afternoon. With the programming preparation in Alice and Genost, EV3 programming is well on the way to prepare for the challenges to be conducted next week.

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7Up Camp Progress Report

7Up Camp started on Monday. After a few short team-building exercises, we started to learn Alice ( in the morning and Genost ( in the afternoon.
Alice programming environment is developed at Carnegie Mellon University and Genost is developed at ASU. Both programming languages are graphic languages that allow students to program objects using drag-and-drop fashion. These languages allow students to focus more on the logic and less on the language syntax.
We will complete both languages and start EV3 robotics programming Thursday.
While most teams are happy with their team members, we do have a few requests of changing teams. We will allow rebuilding teams on Thursday before we start EV3 robotics programming.

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