9Up Camp Starts Today

34 students signed in today. For this week, students will be using App Inventor to create Android Phone apps in the morning, and learning visual programming language and program the robot in the afternoon.
For the next, students will be doing robotics programming only.
We will have at least one lecture every day. Today we have two lectures:
(1) Career opportunities and job outlook in engineering and in computing
(2) Introduction to Visual IoT/Robotics Programming Language Environment VIPLE

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One of the video from the 7Up camp

One of the video from the 7Up camp:

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7Up Camp Closing Ceremony

7Up Camp will close today. The closing ceremony will start at 2pm. Parents are and family members are invited to attend. Each student will present what they did in the two weeks, including their Alice game/movie, robot design, programming, and competition.

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7Up Camp Day 3 Report with photos dowloading

ASU 7Up Robotics Camp started on Monday, June 5. Students have been working Alice 3D movie and game programming in the mornings. All teams have learned the basic programming constrcuts and are in the process of making their final movie or game.
In the afternoons, students have been working on EV3 robot construction and programming. A few photos have been taken this afternoon, showing the progress of the robotics projects. You can download the photos from this link:

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The 7Up Camp will start on Monday, June 5

The 7Up Camp will start on Monday, June 5. Please follow the driving “Directions” page at:
to find the location and parking information.
Please arrive before 8:30am to register. The registration desk will open at 8:15am in ASU Brickyard Building BY211 lobby.
Parents are encouraged to stay in the first session “Parent and Student Orientation” from 8:45am to 9:00am in BY210.
Camp T-shirt and a textbook will be handed out to the students at the registration.
If parents cannot stay in the parent and Student Orientation session, please download and read the PDF file at the link:
Please make sure that you fill out the pickupOptionForm.
The 7Up camp is full. No students can be admitted if they are not preregistered through our camp Website.
BTW: The 9Up camp is open for registration.

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ASU 7Up and 9Up Registration is open now

ASU 7Up and 9Up Summer Robotics Camps Registration is open now. The camps will remain open till they are full. Typically, the 7Up camp is full by the end of March, while 9Up camp is full by the end of April.

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9Up Camp Progress Report

In the first week, we completed three treasure hunting missions and the 3D design challenges. On Monday this week, we started maze navigation programming in the morning and phone app design in the afternoon.

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