ASU 7Up and 9Up Registration is open now

ASU 7Up and 9Up Summer Robotics Camps Registration is open now. The camps will remain open till they are full. Typically, the 7Up camp is full by the end of March, while 9Up camp is full by the end of April.

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9Up Camp Progress Report

In the first week, we completed three treasure hunting missions and the 3D design challenges. On Monday this week, we started maze navigation programming in the morning and phone app design in the afternoon.

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9Up Camp First Day

9Up Camp started today! We started with an lecture on the career opportunities, followed by the exercises of looking through the US Department of Labor’s Occupational Outlook Handbook.
After the break at 10am, we started straight into our main topic on robotics programming. We started with a lecture on different visual programming languages, and then we started VIPLE (Visual IoT/Robotics Programming Language Environment).
We also had a short tour to ASU embedded system lab and watched 3D printing process.
From tomorrow, we will be doing robotics programming in the morning, and other activities in the afternoon, including 3D object design and printing, as well as App Inventor for Phone App development.

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ASU 9Up Camp will start on Monday, June 20.

The 9Up Camp will start on Monday, June 20. Please follow the driving “Directions” page at:
to find the location and parking information.
Please arrive before 8:30am to register. The registration desk will open at 8:15am in ASU Brickyard Building BY211 lobby.
Parents are encouraged to stay in the first session “Parent and Student Orientation” from 8:45am to 9:00am in BY210.
Camp T-shirt and a textbook will be handed to the student at the registration.
If parents cannot stay in the parent and Student Orientation session, please download and read the PDF file at the link:

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7Up Camp Week 2

The week 2 is all about robot construction, programming, and competitions. We did the treasure hunting on Monday and maze navigation on Wednesday. The sumo game will be on Friday morning. Students are also adding contents into their presentations.
We have collected the exercise signatures, 3D design contest scores, 3D printings, treasure hunting scores and maze navigation scores.
The student presentation and closing ceremony starts at 2pm on Friday. Parents are invited to participate in the student presentation and closing ceremony.
I have put some of the camp photos at this link for your downloading:

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7Up Camp: An excited first week

Week 1 was concluded on Friday, June 10. In this week, students learned in the five mornings EV3 robot construction, programming, and First Lego League teams and competitions.
In the afternoon, they learned a number engineering tools, including Alice 3D game/movie programming language and created their own movie/game. In addition, they learned SketchUp 3D drawing tool and TinkerCad computer aided design tool for 3D printing. Students designed their own 3D objects and created 3D printable files. A competition was conducted in the Friday afternoon and the best 3D objectes will be printed using a 3D printer. A lecture presentation technique was given, and students have started to put what they learned into PPT slides, including the Alice video and the 3D object tha they created.
Robot construction, programming and challenges are the only topics in week 2. Monday will focus on attachments (cage, arm, etc.) construction for treasure hunting game. Tuesday and Wednesday and be learning the autonomous maze navigation programming and maze competition. Sumo programming and competition will be done on Thursday and Friday morning.
Friday afternoon, from 2pm is the closing ceremony for student presentation and prize giving. Parents are included to attend the closing ceremony.

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7Up Day 3 report

The camp continues on EV3 programming in the morning and Alice in the afternoon. A lecture on FFL (FIRST LEGO League) was given this morning, which introduces FLL teams to students, the current and past challenges, and how to join or start a team in their school. The camp will prepare students to the lead programmer of an FLL team.

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